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M y M H o m e M P a g e

Welcome to the sample personal home page. With Peer Web Services for Microsoft® Windows NT® Workstation, you can create and publish your own personal Web page as illustrated here. Check out the HTML tag reference . [Bicycle]

I ride this
bike to work
every day!

Some of my hobbies...
~ ~ ~ ~ - ~ ~ ~ - ~ ~ ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ ~ ~ - ~ ~ ~ - ~ ~ ~ ~
Bicycling BulletModel Building
Mountain Climbing
Classical MusicBulletSnow Skiing
[Dog] This is my dog Fianna
at age 4 revealing her attitude toward life. Fianna loves to eat and play as often as possible.

Last summer, my friend Alex and I went boat camping on Lake Chelan. It is quite beautiful there although the water is often very cold. [Lake Chelan Photo]

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